We continue to innovate transportation in a more effective and sustainable technology. Our vision is to transport the world through technology based on the Ground Effects.

Brian Uitdenbogerd


 Our focus is safety, comfort and speed 

We have made significant strides in the last 6 years in ground effect research and we are ready to present it to you the new very exciting mode of transportation for your pleasure, business and for fun. Starting with the AirYacht, superfast as business jets but convenient as Yachts.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen let’s push the limits of the ground effect together.

Do you have education and experience in aerospace engineering, marketing, investment banking, patent attorney, corporate attorney and a pilot license with turbo fan jet typed, please send us your profile for evaluation.
Let’s create future together.

Best Regards
Brian Uitdenbogerd


We’ve received government assistance from México for research and business development. Likewise leverage affiliations and associations with research facilities and major universities to cost effectively develop and perfect the science and technology behind our solution.

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San Diego 92154.
Phone: 619 513 8370

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Ensenada, 22800 Ensenada, 
Tel: (619)513 8370
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